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Thelma Hulet

What sparked your interest in painting?

Thelma’s 5th grade teacher did a lot of art with her class and Thelma enjoyed it.

Do you remember the first piece you painted?

Yes, she still has it.  Ceramic milk can with lid, did a simple painting.on it.  60 years ago

Favorite medium, surface and subject? 

Oils, porcelain and realistic flowers and vegetables.

How long have you been painting? 

Since 5th grade, 86 years

What keeps you painting today? 

Unfinished projects, they are lined up to work on.

What project do you want to tackle 

She has a realistic painting of Kitchen items to be painted on a long board that will sit on top of a cabinet or drawers.

Thelma is also working on a fan-shaped quilt that includes lace, buttons & ribbons. It has 4 patterns, with a total of 42 blocks.