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Phyllis Gibbs

What sparked your interest in painting?

Taking classes that taught a method of painting that produced great results and was so much fun!  

Do you remember the first piece you painted? 

Yes!  Priscilla Hauser’s  “Strawberries” on a small wooden plaque.   It still hangs above the desk where I paint.

What are you favorite surface, medium and subject to paint?

Wood, oils on a stained or acrylic background and sharp focus still life.  Realistic painting is a challenge I love!

I also love painting Christmas projects!

Is there a project you still want to tackle? 

Yes, I have some furniture I want to decorate with painting!

I have been and will continue to be a Memory Box Painter

What inspires you to paint today?

1.  The creative process, it’s so much fun!

2.  The escape and relaxation it gives me.

3.  The friends I’ve made!

4.  All the places I’ve got to go, teaching and sharing our art form.

I want to thank Heart of Ohio Tole and the Society of Decorative Painters for all the opportunities I’ve had from being a member.

Phyllis D Gibbs
Certified Decorative Painter