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Nancy Bateman

What sparked your interest in painting?

While at a craft store I saw projects for a decorative painting class.

Do you remember the first piece you painted? 

My first piece was from a Pricilla Hauser book.  Soon after that I started classes with a stroke teacher using French quills painting in the manner of early American painting.

What are you favorite surface, medium and subject to paint?

Because the early American class I began painting on old pieces of tin ware.  Joan Johnson’s technique of blended Penn Dutch took my painting to a different level, it worked well on old tin.

Is there a project you still want to tackle? 

I still paint most days.  I have a dedicated area (studio) in my home where I spend much of my time.

What inspires you to paint today?

My inspiration comes from seeing an old piece of time that would be a good surface.  Sometimes there is a piece that I see in a retail store that I will repaint.  So I guess it’s the surface that inspires me to paint it.