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Johanne Stogran

What sparked your interest in painting?

I have always loved art!  I drew an angel in 2nd grade and my art teacher loved it!  Maybe that was the beginning!  I am inspired by the talent in the Decorative Painting World….and we have some very talented people in HOOT!  

Do you remember the first piece you painted? 

One of my first classes was with our former member, Kathy Killinger, we painted a Kitchen Witch, she still hangs in my painting room! Kathy said always paint the face first so you have someone to talk to as you work!!

What are you favorite surface, medium and subject to paint?

I mostly paint on wood with acrylics….I have been branching out to oils.  Christmas and flowers are my favorites…and painting for my Grandkids!  I also like fabric painting – was very popular a while ago – we need to bring that back!!

Is there a project you still want to tackle? 

One day I would like to try for my CDA.  Most likely I need to wait until I retire!  I love my job but it really cuts into my painting time!

What inspires you to paint today?

I love being part of HOOT – Gives me a reason and a chance to paint!

Johanne Strogran