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Thelma’s Challenge

Thelma Hulet, one of our charter members, presented a challenge to our HOOT membership in November, 2019. She brought 60 wrapped items to our meeting and wanted members to select one or more, sight unseen, to take home and paint. Members could not open the wrapping until after the had selected the piece. The members could do anything on the piece they wanted. Some members did select more than one.

The pieces were to be brought back to our May 2020 meeting completed and members would judge what pieces were the best in Professional and Non-professional categories. Members were to pay $1.00 for each piece entered in the judging. Prizes for the contest would be the entry fees split between the winner in each category.

As most everyone knows, Covid hit in 2020 and we could not meet for most of that year. We planned completing the Challenge in 2021 but there were still so many that did not feel comfortable coming into the office yet so we postponed it until May 2022. Unfortunately, not all 60 pieces made it in, but we did get 21 back.

Non Professional


Krista Ebling

Susanne Olson