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Sally Daft

What sparked your interest in painting?

An oil class offered in a gift shop’s back room in 1983.  We had just moved from Miami to Denver, husband traveled often and I instantly had new weekly friends.

Do you remember the first piece you painted? 

A 16 x 20 floral canvas.  I still have it.

What are your favorite surface, medium and subject to paint?

Florals is my favorite subject but lately I only take time for painting paper mache boxes with birds that can be a Memory Box for both girls and boys.  Surfaces is Canvas for oils.  Mi-Teintes paper for pastels and colored pencils.  Arches Watercolor pad for watercolor and inktense pencils. 

Is there a project you still want to tackle? 

Would love to do a mural.  I have tried all the mediums and have enjoyed all of them.  Coolest is the heat set oils to dry as I paint memory boxes and can lay my hand on the piece it I need to.  So sad to hear they quit making them.

What inspires you to paint today?

The importance of creating Memory Boxes for the hospitals.  My wall spaces are full but still occasionally do a new piece.